July 17, 2018

Features Request & Release Cycles

The Monival Team is always working towards updating and upgrading Monival with features geared towards providing our users with the best solution. On this page we give details on the Features Release and Feature Request procedures.


Our mission is to provide Services and Solutions Integrated into your daily Business for you to Achieve Success and have an Impact (SIBASI).

The Monival Team is always listening to our customers; Through our twitter account, our support email, our contact us page, our telegram account and even direct phone call. The system, Monival, also provides a direct feedback channel that sends messages directly to the Monival Team. We provide many support channels to ensure we are always hearing feedback from our users.

Monival Feature Request Process

The feature request process is easy and straight-forward. Once a user submits a feature request through any of our contact channels, the process we follow is:

  • Monival team receives the feature request
  • We evaluate how to achieve each request in the existing system and provide detailed response
  • If we note that additional functionality is required, we prioritize based on client urgency and number of users requiring the feature
  • Special requests can be developed specifically for the requesting entity (can also be billed separately if it’s unique for the requesting organization)


Monival Feature Release Cycles

All feature requests are added to our feature requests backlog which also includes feature pipeline by the internal Monival Team. We release system updates every 6 weeks for those using the online (cloud-hosted) version of Monival. For the on-premises users, once the features are released, we also go through an elaborate process with your ICT team to ensure you are always up to date; which depends on whether you are on automatic updates or manual updates. We will always notify you of any security and feature updates to ensure you are aware of all product enhancements through our newsletters.

For example, a feature request for a Monitoring and Evaluation feature for direct field team chat was provided by the internal Monival Team Lead. This feature request was added to the backlog and since it was a high priority feature, it was added to the development cycle. In the next release, users could be able to chat with the field team to give information as well as get information to the main office.

We make use of an agile approach similar to scrum as shown in the diagram below.

We work tirelessly to ensure our users have the best in class solution.

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