June 24, 2018


Monival helps you to achieve success and impact from your plans. This section provides the features overview of the solution.

Key Benefits

  • Gain insights into projects, strategic plans and organizational performance
  • Report efficiently and effectively
  • Collaborate with your team and external stakeholders

Monival will help you plan effectively, execute efficiently, collaborate with stakeholders and deliver impact

Features & Benefits

  • Plan, Execute, Collaborate, Report – A solution that allows you to create proposals, plans and manage the execution of your plans, allowing various stakeholders to collaborate through the progress reports and end of period reports
  • Strategic performance management – Centralizing portfolio, project and program information presented on summary dashboards for your organization
  • Formalize (standardize) processes and controls for measuring performa
  • nce and outcomes across your organization – Template objects that cascade down and roll up the reporting structure of programs and projects for consistent planning and reporting
  • Easily and quickly align to evolving interventions, project priorities and environmental analysis – Ranking and prioritization of initiatives for better resource planning
  • Collaboration and accountability – Role based planning, re-planning, approval workflows chatting and global planner for staff activities e.g. trips, training, leave etc.
  • One stop shop for plans data – Upload of files and documents such as contracts and portfolio of evidence
  • User friendly – Fluid navigation across personalized landing page, views and reports
  • Enhanced decision-making from real-time and consolidated reports and dashboards – Seamless integration to grass root project data collection for real-time analysis
  • Extensible – An extensible solution available on cloud or on-premises
  • Integration to existing systems – Monival can be integrated to existing financial systems such as Dynamics Nav for budgets, Microsoft SharePoint, Onedrive and Google Drive for document management and storage

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