Some Challenges in M&E

Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E) is of core importance in helping you achieve the success or impact your intervention, project, program or strategic plan is aimed at. M&E helps to ensure that during execution and implementation stages, the project or strategic plan is on track (monitoring) and at the end of the execution, a candid check (evaluation) confirms that the results have been achieved as expected. The results for an intervention could be an impact in the society while for a strategic plan for a business, the end result could be more profits.

While it is important to have Monitoring and Evaluation in your project or strategic plan, research shows that the prevailing challenges in M&E faced by non-profits, for-profits and government organizations generally include:

  • not planning for monitoring and evaluation – Do you have an M&E plan along-side your plan, for example, when will you do the monitoring, when will the evaluation b done, who will do the evaluation?
  • under-resourcing within the M&E unit – Do you have enough budget and resource allocation for Monitoring and Evaluation of your project or strategic plan?
  • belated and inconclusive collection and analysis of M&E data – How is the analysis of data done?
  • use of ad-hoc, informal or non-standard M&E tools – Do you have a standard process for M&E across the organization or for the particular implementation?
  • weak link between M&E to overall planning, budgeting, resource allocation, and policy functions – Is your M&E aligned to your overall goals?
  • decision making is not fully evidence-based – Are your M&E reports backed by evidence?

Monival is the solution to this and more challenges. Having evolved over the years, Monival has incorporating features and functionalities that addresses your existing and emerging M&E challenges encountered by practicing organizations.

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