Monival's Features

Monitoring and Evaluation Solution for Delivering Impactful Success!!!

"Monival will help you plan effectively, execute efficiently, collaborate with stakeholders and deliver impact. Deliver Impactful Success!"

About Monival

Monival, for your Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E) and Performance Management needs.
Monitoring And Evaluation for success!

Monival is a Monitoring and Evaluation solution for Projects, Strategic Plans and Performance Management that has been designed by M&E experts for Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs), Governments, Public Institutions and Businesses.

The need for Monitoring and Evaluation for Project Plans and Strategic Plans has become of core importance for impact and success.

Monival helps in the collaboration of all the stakeholders from the executive, to the project team, the field team, contractors, beneficiaries and even the project sponsors and donors.

Monival has been designed to be an extensible system, supporting user defined frameworks and integration with existing systems.

  • Monival helps you to plan effectively; from the ideation and proposal stage to preparing your results, activities, indicators, budgets and targets

  • Whether you are executing a Project, Program or even a Strategic Plan, Monival provides features to help you with execution including capturing actuals and collaboration between your stakeholders

  • A good Monitoring and Evaluation system provides reports to all stakeholders including the Project Team, Executing, Supporting teams, Contractors, Sponsors and even Donors, that is Monival!

A word from the Monival Team

The amazing team responsible for the management, design, advisory and feature approval of Monival give their views about the solution.

Monival is designed to help you Realize Success from your Projects, Strategic Plans and Performance Management.